Gambit’s attire from the Deadpool game.

i am in love with that tailcoat~

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  • Cable & Deadpool # 5

Wade was inside of him ~ (◡‿◡✿)

definitely one of the best parts for this series.

Couple days ago i remembered my ‘life goal’: to put every male in at least one of the following - heels, stockings or skirts. that or just make them look seductive and vixen-esque

So here i have the two key elements to my personal ‘Le Diable Blanc’ AU.

I present to you; Gambit and Wolverine looking like seductive pretty angel/devil icons, Logan is still in the works (and no, Remy isn’t wearing lipstick there)

Apart from it’s growing importance in my frigged up brain, i am really liking how Wolverine’s face is looking.

anybody want the AU written up for them? cause i have the document ready to share.

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what is the shipping name of Deadpool and Wolverine?



Canadian Husbands, Wolverpool, Deadverine…Everyone uses something different

Drawing comparison (12-14)

here was my drawings in 2012

now here is my drAWINGS IN 2014 WAT

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